Industrial Sprockets Manufacturer

Industrial Sprockets Manufacturer In Bahrain

Sprockets is one type of wheel is a profiled wheel with sharp teeth or cogs which mesh with the Chain Track or other materials. We as one leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Industrial Sprocket in Bahrain. All our Sprockets are made from high quality materials and also further adapted with high performance with coating such as black plating etc. We also manufacture various types of Sprockets like Chain Sprocket, Single Chain Sprocket, Duplex Chain Sprocket, Triplex Chain Sprocket, Roller Chain Sprocket. The product must be available in many size, type to fit a design and needs for customized parts. Moreover, we offer this all sprocket at very nominal rate to our client.

To start searching for the correct size and type of sprocket Dhara Industries is always there.

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