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Taper lock pulley permits incompetent work to accomplish coupling of pulleys and psychologist fit on shafts utilizing just hexagon wrench. Taper Lock Pulley will be pulley that is made sure about to a pivoting shaft with a tightened center point. It has a course of action of longitudinal split tapered and half-strung gaps that give simple, quick fitting and greatest hold. Taper lock pulley is favored decision when supreme arrangement between pulleys is beyond the realm of imagination.


Today world we see that all thing is in advanced so for that advanced machinery the industries now days using Taper lock pulley. The Taper lock pulley is utilized in various industries like

Taper Pulleys For Paper Industry Paper Mill

Pulleys are significant and fundamental component of paper plant and it guarantees predictable work of papermaking unit. This functions as a wellspring of intensity transmission and the crankshaft belt where Taper lock pulley framework balance abstains from slipping of belt from the pulley.

Taper Pulleys For Textile Industry Textile Industries

It identifies with transmissions, transport lines, and smooth development of hardware parts. The pulleys give ideal yields and require low upkeep.

Taper Pulleys For Oil Industry Oil Mill

Pulley have nice a role in machine functioning as the power transmission and oil mill work in synchronization. With this Taper pulley the structure becomes compact with easy operation.

Taper Pulleys For Fertilizer Industry Fertilizer Industry

Dhara Industries find variety of uses in the Fertilizer industry in relation to conveyor belt, transmission, smooth movement between various machinery part and more.

Taper Pulleys For Power Industry Power Plant

Dhara Industries meets all requirement of Power plant machinery

Taper Pulley supplier in india

Advantages of Taper Lock Pulley:-

  • First main thing is that Taper Pulley has performed a great role as speed controller and power transmission device in various places based on size and application.
  • Adaptability of utilization different sizes are accessible and this is tradable between various items.
  • Pulley helps in Increment sturdiness of machine and task to carry out in smooth working plant. High pressure partition and best advantages tremendously from the utilization of pulley.
  • It saves time along with the fitting cost
  • These taper lock pulley help in system setting synchronized work of machine that improve efficiency and output
  • Less maintenance cost as compared to other


There are mainly three types of Pulley Manufacturer in India. There is a common notion that pulley are usually of one type with varying size. There are various size and types of pulley but they are broadly classified into main three categories.

Fixed pulley

The simplest type of pulley is fixed pulley where the wheel is fixed particular point like pivot and work by changing the direction of force is applied. Compared to other pulley these pulley required large effort to move the object.

Movable pulley

It is pulley where wheel moves with the object it is displacing. Arrangement allow the pulley to lift the load with much less force. Application of the less force the load can be displaced and making the task easier.

Combined pulley

Combination of the both Fixed and movable is combined pulley. Advantage of both them include in this pulley. User require minimal application of force to lift an object without pushing or pulling it.

Dhara Industries are pioneer in the field of Taper Pulley design and manufacturer. Having unique special product is highly regarded amidst our expansive global customer. At Dhara Industries Pulley have a wide variety among them best-selling ones are:

There are various product available in keeping with the needs of the client ensuring the best fit in all industrial situation.

Taper Lock Pulley Manufacturer in India

Dhara Industries is a brand name well known as a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Taper Pulley in India . Having years of experience in this field of fabricating extensive range of Industrial Pulley and component which include Industrial Pulley, Coupling, Gear , Chain , Sprocket, and other components. Our manufactured product are accessible in diverse size and configuration can perform a innumerable function that is ranging from slinging, lifting, rigging, load testing and management. Having best reputation and pioneer company in India supplying and exporting Industrial Pulley like Taper Lock Pulley, QD Bush Pulley, V Belt Pulley, C.I. V Belt Pulley, Single Groove Pulley, Solid Pulley, Heavy Pulley, Aluminum Pulley, Star Coupling, Gear Coupling, Rotex Type Coupling, Tyre Coupling, Chain Sprocket, Roller Chain Sprocket, Duplex Chain Sprocket etc. many more. These Taper Lock Pulley, coupling, sprocket etc. are available in both custom and standard varieties to maximize option to the customer. Developed using optimum quality raw materials and latest advanced technology our range is in compliance with international quality standards.

Our Top quality pulley widely used in engineering and other industries entire range is offered in different finish specification to meet the diverse requirement of our customers. Our product is regularly used in various industries such as power plant , paper mill, fertilizer, cement plant, Textile industries, oil gas , marine, glass industries, automobile ,as well as plastic and rubber industries. Owing to their remarkable features like durability, best quality, accurate, high strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, and easy install these product are highly demanded in the markets.

To meet the changing needs of the industrial field we have come up with an advanced manufacturing unit that is equipped with all latest machines and technology. We have quality supervisors who conduct through quality test each stage of the product advancement. Our team professional strives hard to know the diverse needs of our patrons. Business ethics, apparent dealing and quality centric approach have made us important in both market National and International market. Great compliment all over the market by catering the ever growing requirement of our patron in a well-organized manner.

Our client centric approach, easy payment, transparent option, and timely delivery have helped us to achieve the reputed name in the industry.

Why Choose Dhara Industries?

Our Organization is famous for a manufacturer of Pulley, Coupling, Sprocket etc. many more. We design these through a series of quality check procedure. And we are at the top position by offering the best of the pulley. There are number of reason why you should buying power Transmission product from Dhara Industries. Some of the reason is stated below.

  • Easy Installation
  • Long Term experience
  • Powerful development
  • We utilize the best crude materials
  • Financially savvy items
  • Exceptionally progressed and creative creation frameworks
  • All items accompany improved life expectancy
  • Each Product accompanies astounding completion
  • Deliveries within deadlines
  • Save timing and cost of fitting
Tapper Pulley manufacturer in india
Taper Pulley exporter in india

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Execellence Innovation & Trusted Business for Best Taper Lock Pulley in India.


V Belt Pulley

We deliver a wide range of product that include industrial pulley, coupling, sprocket,

Each our product made with high quality raw materials that are procured from our long time trusted vendors. We also excel at providing custom product that you can use for you specific needs.

Quality assurance

Dhara Industries will consistently provide top quality pulley and their services to promote and maintain superior customer satisfaction. Quality is one of the internal part for all industries. We have engaged diligent professional who make sure to obtain superior quality in our product by carrying stringent quality test. The range offered by us undergoes different testing measure that is required for a better level satisfaction of our client. Our offered product are quality test on following parameters.

Standards for design

High tensile strength

Impact resistance

Corrosion fatigue



We even solve all the queries of our client and remain always constant touch with them to modify range as per their specification.

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